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hit & run press

The Story


In 1970 I went to Ireland and couldn’t resist picking up a small platen press and shipping it home. This press (photo could be background) launched me from reading and writing poetry into publishing poets I like, and after several fumbling efforts, hit & run press was born in 1974.

Since then, and several printing presses later, I have been producing poetry books and broadsides besides making a living in other ways—it’s always been a labor of love, not a business. I have had the good fortune to know many outstanding poets and artists, as well as many of the finest printers, papermakers, bookbinders in California. hit & run press has been a collaborative effort of all these individuals.

In addition to publishing, I’ve been a lifetime collector. Over the years I gathered a huge collection of first edition books of the best poets of my generation. This site is dedicated to being a window to both of those worlds. You will find links to everything I have done or am willing to sell that is still in print.

All available copies of hit & run press publications are on this site. I list all collected books for sale on Many of the poets in my broadside collection are featured. The books are largely first edition copies in the best possible condition, often signed.