Boxed Set – Unsigned Broadsides First Series

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Author/Artist/Photographer: Altfeld, Heather, Dickey, William, Fairchild, B.H., Gioia, Dana, Glück, Louise, Hass,Robert, Hirsch, Edward, Hirshfield Jane, Hoagland, Tony, Jane, Natchez, Meryl, Olds, Sharon, Pinsky, Robert, Ruefle, Mary, Ryan, Kay, Stallings, A.E., Young, Dean, Zagajewski, Adam
Title: Boxed Set – Unsigned Broadsides First Series

A set of seventeen signed broadsides of assorted sizes

In a box made by Arnold Martinez

One of five (unsigned)


Heather Altfeld Orphan’s Kaddish (2016)
William Dickey Making Love (1993)
B.H. Fairchild Song (2017)
Dana Gioia Pity the Beautiful (2012)
Louise Glück Solstice (2016)
Robert Hass Stanzas for a Sierra Morning (2016)
Edward Hirsch Special Orders (2013)
Jane Hirshfield Fado (2017)
Tony Hoagland The Loneliest Job in the World (2011)
Meryl Natchez Poem for Paul (2004)
Sharon Olds His Stillness (2016)
Robert Pinsky Samurai Song (2017)
Mary Ruefle Concerning Essential Existence (2014)
Kay Ryan Spiderweb (2012)
A.E. Stallings Watching the Vulture at the Road Kill (2013)
Dean Young Another Lethal Party Favor (2016)
Adam Zagajewski R. Says (2015)


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