Boxed Set – Signed Broadsides Second Series

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Author/Artist/Photographer: Bass Ellen, Brewer William, Dove, Rita (transl.), Emanuel, Lynn, Gander, Forrest, Hillman, Brenda, Howe, Marie, Jollimore, Troy, Laux, Dorianne, Natchez, Meryl, Rafferty, Larry, Shepler, Michael, Simic, Charles, Simon, Maurya, Snyder, Gary, St. John, David, Wright, Charles, Zagajewski, Adam
Title: Boxed Set – Signed Broadsides Second Series

A set of seventeen signed broadsides of assorted sizes

In a box made by Diane Newel

One of five (signed)


Ellen Bass Bringing Flowers to Salinas Valley State Prison (2021)
William Brewer Early Oxyana (2018)
Rita Dove Above the Mountaintops (2018)
Lynn Emanuel Blonde Bombshell (2019)
Forrest Gander Son (2018)
Brenda Hillman Winter Daybreak Stanzas for Our Daughters (2018)
Marie Howe The Boy (2019)
Troy Jollimore On the Origins of Things (2020)
Dorianne Laux The Crossing (2020)
Meryl Natchez Stuck in the Middle with You (2020)
Larry Rafferty The Brown Bomber (1987)
David St. John The Color of Salvation (2019)
Michael Shepler Berlin, 1930 (2012)
Charles Simic Cameo Appearance (2018)
Maurya Simon Meditation at Twilight (2020)
Gary Snyder Where (2019)
Charles Wright The Silent Generation (2018)


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